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We supply quality temporary employees, offering a variety of positions on all shifts. Job opportunities range from technical to office personnel, including administrative assistant, data entry, and clerical, to light industrial. We are committed to matching the job with the employee who possesses the necessary skills. This way, we achieve a three-way win: the customer has a worker who can do the job, the employee has a job he or she performs well, and we accomplish our goal of meeting the needs of both.



We serve a variety of clients in our immediate vicinity. Most of the companies in our area are light industrial. Some are locally owned while others are part of large corporations. Although we primarily meet our clients' manufacturing needs, we also fill administrative and clerical positions for them. Our goal is to meet all of their employee needs.

Our clients and we maintain a relationship of mutual respect. We take pride in learning about our clients' operations and how best to serve them. Our aim is to give the very best customer service by going beyond minimal expectations, by anticipating needs, and by making recommendations when requested. We are more than a vendor; we become a partner.

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