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We supply quality temporary employees, offering a variety of positions on all shifts. Job opportunities range from technical to office personnel, including administrative assistant, data entry, and clerical, to light industrial. We are committed to matching the job with the employee who possesses the necessary skills. This way, we achieve a three-way win: the customer has a worker who can do the job, the employee has a job he or she performs well, and we accomplish our goal of meeting the needs of both.


Former Employees

For several months, I had been looking for employment. After submitting many applications to various companies, I finally decided to visit Ledford Exchange. Within two weeks, Ledford's offered me a job at a nearby corporation. I began my assignment in April, and by July I was a full-time employee. I have maintained a stable job there since being hired. Thank you, Ledford Exchange, for the opportunity to embark on this long-standing employment.  - Alice

The staff at Ledford Employee Exchange is wonderful! Ledford's allowed me the flexibility with work hours I needed while I earned my associate's degree. A staff member was on-site at the company where I was assigned, and the office staff was always just a phone call away. Because of the flexibility I experienced and the open communication with Ledford staff, I recommend that anyone looking for a job contact Ledford Employee Exchange.   - Charlotte

I want to thank Ledford Exchange for giving me the chance to work for them. Because of the opportunity they offered, I have been employed at Walker Die Casting since 1991.   - Joe

In April 1986, Ledford Employee Exchanged hired me for a temporary assignment to pump gas at Marshall Farmers Co-op. In February 1987, I became a full-time Co-op employee and soon moved to a job in the warehouse. Fifteen years later, I drive a truck, delivering bulk feed to local farms. Thanks to Ledford Exchange, I have a job I really enjoy.   - Jon

After 30 or so years of being a military wife on the go, I returned to my hometown, Lewisburg. Seeking employment, I turned to the professional services of Ledford Employee Exchange to help me locate a rewarding, quality job. I am pleased to say I have been employed in a full-time position with the same company for nine years. My experience with Ledford Exchange is a perfect example of their skill to locate and match an eager employee with the right job.   - Patsy


Client Case Studies

Tennessee Technical Coatings

D. Brooks Hodges, Jr. and John F. Rawe founded Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation in 1978 in Lewisburg, TN. Seeing a need in the industry for a supplier that could deliver better quality, product engineering, and customer service, they established Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation (TTC) in the heart of the customer base.

TTC's original charter was to provide custom engineered and extremely high quality product to customers with quick cycle "on-time" delivery. That charter has not changed. Today, the company is the sole or significant source for many of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in the U. S. Its products range from the coatings on pencils and baseball bats, specialized cylinders used in submarines, to world-renowned Grumbacher artist paints. TTC actively develops products for, and exports to, countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.

To provide the value, quality, and consistency customers have come to expect requires a well-trained, capable, and committed employee base. Many employees have been with TTC since its inception. Management recognizes that the key to success and customer satisfaction lies in the employees and treats them as business partners, involving them in all aspects of operating the business.

As a partner with Ledford Exchange since 1986, TTC does not view employees from Ledford Exchange as "temporaries"; rather, they are full-time employees-in-training. Ledford Exchange makes it its business to know what TTC wants and sends only those who are best qualified. Ledford's service and value are instrumental in TTC's ability to respond to customer needs. Moreover, Ledford Employee Exchange has assisted TTC in developing a competitive compensation and benefit package and in establishing and documenting sound company practices and policies. Ledford's is truly an employee exchange from this company's perspective. TTC exchanges employees-in-training with Ledford for permanent employees. TTC heartily recommends Ledford Employee Exchange as the service of choice.

Tennessee Box

Tennessee Box is a manufacturer of rigid two-piece set-up boxes. Products include gameboxes, greeting card boxes, stationery and business card boxes, special presentation boxes, etc. Located in Lewisburg, Tennessee, the company was originally founded to serve the local pencil industry. Since its beginning in 1980, the company has expanded into many different markets, with the majority of customers within a 300 mile radius.

Like most businesses, Tennessee Box tends to have seasonal production. During our peak times, we have come to rely upon Ledford Employee Exchange to provide high quality, dependable employees. As a result of their good service, we have been able to make many Ledford employees a permanent part of Tennessee Box. The service from the Ledford staff is outstanding and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tennessee Box highly recommends Ledford Employee Exchange for any staffing needs.

S & S Industries, Inc.

Since 1972, S & S Industries, Inc. has served customers from the east coast to the west coast as well as Canada and Mexico. It supplies quality parts and materials for the appliance, HVAC, and trucking industries as well as a wide range of insulation and gasket productions for special application. S & S produces high volume die cutting of fiberglass insulation, foam rubber, and non-metallic materials cut to exact specifications, using state-of-the-art die cutting and shearing equipment.

The Lewisburg site of S & S Industries has experienced an excellent partnership with Ledford Employee Exchange. The Ledford staff is professional, meeting customer needs in a timely and efficient manner. Ledford Exchange has consistently matched job requirements with the right employee. S & S Industries recommends Ledford Employee Exchange for all staffing needs.

Walker Die Casting

Founded in 1958 by Robert H. Walker, Walker Die Casting began operation in the basement of a building on the Lewisburg Square. The company operated a single zinc die casting machine producing hardware castings for the furniture industry. These first castings weighed less than an ounce. Over time, the company expanded into much larger, more complex aluminum castings. Customers for these aluminum castings included automotive companies, tool manufacturers, watercraft companies, and appliance producers. In 1965 the company moved to its current location in the Lewisburg Industrial Park. Walker Die Casting's philosophy of using earnings for growth has helped the company become one of the largest independently owned die casters in North America. Because current CEO John Walker has aggressively sought to increase capacities and capabilities of Walker Die Casting's machinery, the company is one of a few in the country with the ability to cast large transmission housings. This competitive advantage has allowed Walker to maintain its customer base and ensure a stable workforce.

Since 1987, Ledford Employee Exchange has been an integral part of the Walker Die Casting workforce. Its employees play a role at Walker Die Casting in at least two important ways. Employees interested in a short-term assignment quickly become productive elements in the Ledford-Walker partnership. Those seeking more long-term employment enjoy the chance to "try on" Walker Die Casting. At the same time, Walker appreciates the opportunity to evaluate potential permanent employees through their assignments from Ledford Exchange. With the constant help of Ledford Employee Exchange and its employees, Walker Die Casting will continue to grow.

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